I read this and I like it a lot!  Comments, anyone?
When I look at my Testimonials page, I often well up with tears. I am so blessed, and so grateful to have been, and continue to be, a motivating factor in the lives of so many beautiful and talented people. I think that I should write about each person who has written me a testimonial. Many of these students know each other from way back when, and some met while in college. Each one has brought me new challenges in teaching, and helped me to grow as a teacher and as a person. I have learned that each voice, as each person, is unique and wonderful in its own right, a thumbprint that can never be like any other.  I love my job, which is to nurture each individual and bring the best out in them; not just their voices, but their hearts and spirits.
I celebrate as much of life as I possibly can!  I am blessed in many ways, including that I am able to work in my chosen field, which brings me great happiness.  I feel the need to share my blessings during this season, my favorite of the year, by extending an offer for the month of December.  Everybody is on a tight budget, and so I am offering a package deal: If you prepay a block of 4 lessons, and pay any time in the month of December, I will give you a 5th lesson free as my holiday gift to you!  Please contact me to set up your appointments, which can be made any time we have mutual time available.  May you all be well and happy.
HUGE shout out to Kris Feldman Vocal Studio's longtime student, Brooke Van Grinsven, for getting the role of Lucy The Slut in CSUN's production of Avenue Q!!! I am so proud, I could just bust wide open!!! YAY BROOKE!!!